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Everything is organised under four broad headings: work on Universities and Community partnerships, reflections on co-production etc;  Educational Futures and Anticipation work; Learning Cities, lifelong and area based education; Sociology of Education and Technology (as well as some of the more experimental stuff from my time at Futurelab).  These all overlap and interconnect a little, so do scan the rest if you can’t find the publication you were looking for.


Here‘s a talk I gave at the Berlin Schools of Tomorrow Conference in May 2017 on how we reimagine curriculum in a context of radical uncertainty about the future. This session opened a 2 year project in which the Haus der Kulturen der Welt will be leading a national programme of educational reimagining across Germany, supported by their president. Interesting times….

This is a keynote on ‘Universities & the Future’ at the UNIKE Conference in Copenhagen in June 2016.  This is the Annual Oxford Education Lecture I gave on a similar topic – what are universities for? (which is also an expansion of the blog post on this site). This is a link to an audio file and slides from a talk at Edinburgh University working through the details of the Connected Communities programme and its implications for research quality and democracy. This is a link to a webinar conducted this year on the topic of educational futures. This is a link to a panel at the WISE Conference on the future of higher education.

Universities and Communities

Facer K and Enright, B (2016) Creating Living Knowledge: The Connected Communities Programme, Community-University Partnerships and the Participatory Turn in the Production of Knowledge, Bristol: University of Bristol/AHRC Connected Communities Programme

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Keynote on the future of universities, Engage Conference 2013, Bristol, December 2013

Educational Futures

Amsler, S and Facer, K (2017) Contesting Anticipatory Regimes in Education: exploring alternative educational orientations to the future, Futures, (online)

Facer, K (2017 forthcoming) Governing education through anticipation or… how to avoid being a useful idiot when talking about educational futures, in L.Rasmussen and I.D.Grosvenor (eds) Making Education: Governance by Design, Springer

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Learning Cities, area based curriculum and lifelong learning

Facer, K., Horner, L., Manchester, H (2014) Towards the All Age Friendly City, Bristol: Future Cities Catapult

Keynote on museums, technologies and public knowledge production, GEMS Conference, August, Leeds, 2013

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Sociology of Education and Technology

Selwyn, N & Facer, K (2013) Towards a Critical Politics of Education Technology, New York: Palgrave MacMillan

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Archive: Futurelab Handbook and Literature Review Series

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Facer, K., and Williamson, B (2004) Designing technologies to support creative collaborations: a handbook, Bristol: NESTA Futurela






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