Educated Optimism

Educational futures, knowledge cultures, environmental, technological and social change

Talks, Publications etc…

Everything is organised under a few broad headings: Climate Change, Sustainability and Education; work on Universities and Community partnerships, reflections on co-production etc;  Educational Futures and Anticipation work; Learning Cities, lifelong and area based education; Sociology of Education and Technology (as well as some of the more experimental stuff from my time at Futurelab).  These all overlap and interconnect a little, so do scan the rest if you can’t find the publication you were looking for. Most of my papers are available on or at the University of Bristol PURE site.

Films of Talks

Here‘s a talk I gave at the Berlin Schools of Tomorrow Conference in May 2017 on how we reimagine curriculum in a context of radical uncertainty about the future. This session opened a 2 year project in which the Haus der Kulturen der Welt will be leading a national programme of educational reimagining across Germany, supported by their president. Interesting times….

This is a keynote on ‘Universities & the Future’ at the UNIKE Conference in Copenhagen in June 2016.  This is the Annual Oxford Education Lecture I gave on a similar topic – what are universities for? (which is also an expansion of the blog post on this site). This is a link to an audio file and slides from a talk at Edinburgh University working through the details of the Connected Communities programme and its implications for research quality and democracy. This is a link to a webinar conducted this year on the topic of educational futures. This is a link to a panel at the WISE Conference on the future of higher education.

Papers, Reports and Other Publications

Climate Change and Education

I’ve moved into writing more about universities and climate change recently. My latest talk on the topic is available here and this is a short paper written for Forum and just published.

Universities and Communities

Facer K and Enright, B (2016) Creating Living Knowledge: The Connected Communities Programme, Community-University Partnerships and the Participatory Turn in the Production of Knowledge, Bristol: University of Bristol/AHRC Connected Communities Programme

Facer K & Pahl, K (eds.) (2017) Understanding the Value of Collaborative Research: Theory, ethics and methods Bristol: Policy Press

Facer, K & Enright, B (2016) A question of purpose: engaged learning and the research mission of the University, in J. Sachs and L Clark (eds) Learning through Engagement: Vision and Practice in Higher Education, Springer

Enright, B and Facer, K (2016) Developing reflexive identities through collaborative, interdisciplinary and precarious work: The experience of early career researchers, Globalisation, Education and Society

Facer, K (2014) Beyond unbundling and elitism: a new future for the popular autonomous university? published as Más allá de la desagregación y el elitismo: ¿Un nuevo futuro para la universidad  autónoma popular? Gewerc, A. (Coord.). (2014). Conocimiento Tecnología y enseñanza. Políticas y prácticas universitarias. Barcelona: Grao. English version for translation available here.

Keynote on the future of universities, Engage Conference 2013, Bristol, December 2013

Educational Futures

Facer, K (2019) Storytelling in Troubled Times: what is the role of educators in the deep crises of the 21st Century, Literacy, 53 (1) 3-13

Amsler, S and Facer, K (2017) Contesting Anticipatory Regimes in Education: exploring alternative educational orientations to the future, Futures, (online)

Facer, K (2018) Governing education through anticipation or… how to avoid being a useful idiot when talking about educational futures, in L.Rasmussen and I.D.Grosvenor (eds) Making Education: Governance by Design, Springer

Facer, K (2011) Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change, London: Routledge

Facer, K (2016)  Using the Future in education: creating spaces for openness, hope and novelty in H Lees & N Noddings (eds) (2016) Palgrave International Handbook of Alternative Education, Palgrave Macmillan

Ulicsak M and Facer K  (2012) Educational Futures and Empowerment in L Rowan and C Bigum (eds) Future Proofing Education: Transformative Approaches to New Technologies and Student Diversity in Futures Oriented Classrooms, NY: Springer

Facer, K. (2009) Beyond Current Horizons: Educational trends and scenarios to 2035 for DCSF, Bristol: Futurelab

Facer, K., Horner, L., Manchester, H (2014) Towards the All Age Friendly City, University of Bristol & Future Cities Catapult

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Facer, K and Sandford, R (2010) The Next 25 years? Future Scenarios and Future Directions for education and technology, JCAL  pp74-93

Facer, K (2013) Educational Futures: Theory, Methods, Ethics, International Journal of Education Research,

Facer, K., Craft, A., Sandford, R ((eds) 2012) Special Issue on ‘Educational Futures’ for International Journal of Education Research

Facer, K., Lee, N., Holmes, R ((eds) 2012) Special Issue on ‘Better Childhoods: Better Futures’ for Global Studies of Childhood

Learning Cities, area based curriculum and lifelong learning

Facer, K and Buchczyk, M (2019) Understanding learning cities as discursive, material and affective infrastructures, in Oxford Review of Education, 45:2, 168-187,

Facer, K and Buchczyk, M (2019) Towards a Research Agenda for the ‘Actually Existing’ Learning City, in Oxford Review of Education, 45:2, 151-167,

Buchczyk, M & Facer, K (2017) ‘Exploring lifelong learning in the everyday cityWidening Participation and Lifelong Learning. Vol 20, No1

Facer, K., Horner, L., Manchester, H (2014) Towards the All Age Friendly City, Bristol: Future Cities Catapult

Keynote on museums, technologies and public knowledge production, GEMS Conference, August, Leeds, 2013

Manchester, H and Facer, K (2014) Digital Curation: Learning and Legacy in Later Life

Facer, K (2012) Co-operative Education: an old idea for new times? Discourse, Power and Resistance, 4 (3) 327-341

Facer, K (2012) Towards an Area-Based Curriculum, International Journal of Education Research,

Facer, K (2010) The Manchester Curriculum: a report and recommendations (for the RSA)

Facer, K (2010) Towards an Area-Based Curriculum: insights and reflections from the Literature (for the RSA)

Sociology of Education and Technology

Selwyn, N & Facer, K (2013) Towards a Critical Politics of Education Technology, New York: Palgrave MacMillan

Facer, K and Selwyn, N (2013) Towards a Sociology of Education and Technology, in Brooks, R and Bhopal, K (eds) Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education, Palgrave MacMillan

Facer, K (2014) The Politics of Childhood and Technology, in Pilcher, J and Wagg, S (eds) Thatcher’s Grandchildren? The Politics of Childhood in the 21st Century, New York: Palgrave Macmillan

Facer, K., Furlong, J., Furlong, R., Sutherland, R (2003) ScreenPlay: Children and Computers in the Home, London: Routledge

Keri Facer (2014) What is space for? Towards a politics and a language
for the human in education, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 23:1, 121-126, DOI: 10.1080/1475939X.2013.83922

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Facer, K (2010) ‘What Futures for Digital Literacy in the 21st Century?’ in L.K. Stergioulas and H. Drenoyianni, Eds., Pursuing Digital Literacy in the School, New Literacies series,  Peter Lang PublishingGroup, New York, [Contract No: LNG/00456].

Selwyn, N.  and   Facer, K. (2009)   ‘Beyond the digital divide:  towards an agenda for change’  in Ferro, E.,  Dwivedi, Y., Gil-Garcia, R.  and Williams, M.  (Eds)  ‘Overcoming Digital Divides: Constructing an Equitable and Competitive Information Society’   Hershey PA, IGI Global

Facer K and Selwyn N (2009) Social Networking, in H.Beetham, R.Sharpe, S.De-Freitas ‘Rethinking Learning’, London: Routledge

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Molyneux-Hodsgon, S., and Facer, K., (2003) ‘The textbook as cultural artefact: reproducing the culture of science’ in R. Sutherland, G. Claxton, A. Pollard (eds) Teaching and Learning Where Worldviews Meet, Trentham Books, UK: Stoke on Trent.

Facer, K (2002) ‘What do we mean by the digital divide?: Exploring the roles of access, relevance and resource networks’ in ‘The Digital Divide’ Coventry: BECTA/HMSO

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Archive: Futurelab Handbook and Literature Review Series

Daanen, H and Facer, K (2007) 2020 and Beyond: Digital Technologies and Education, Bristol: Futurelab

Selwyn, N & Facer, K (2007) Beyond the Digital Divide, Bristol: Futurelab

Rudd, T., Sutch, D., Facer, K (2006) Towards New Learning Networks: Connecting Homes, Schools and Communities, Bristol: Futurelab

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Owen, M., Grant, K., Facer, K., Sayers, S (2006) Social Software and Learning, Bristol: Futurelab

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Facer, K., and Williamson, B (2004) Designing education technologies with users: a handbook, Bristol: NESTA Futurelab

Facer, K., and Williamson, B (2004) Designing technologies to support creative collaborations: a handbook, Bristol: NESTA Futurela


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